A new fact sheet on the conditions for migrating to the 2015 versions and four revised fact sheets

New fact sheet 133 (family 9) specifies the conditions that must be satisfied for internal audits and management reviews when an organization wishes to obtain 2015 certification for a management system that has already been certified according to an earlier version. Fact sheet 51 (family 1) describes the conditions for obtaining new certification according to the 2015 version.
Fact sheet 022 (family 9) helps organizations define the frequency of their management reviews. Fact sheet 45 (family 10) provides a review of what correction and corrective actions mean. Concerning quality, fact sheet 64 (family 8) clarifies how organizations should consider the requirements when the customer is not the end user of their product or service. Concerning the environment, fact sheet 67 (family 6) defines what an auditor should examine when determining significant environmental aspects as part of a life cycle perspective.